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I'm out fella's good luck to ya:-)

Couple of you will answer when I talk so therefor no reason to hang out here anymore..
I wish you luck in your quest for games, seems like you all switch every other day or so which I myself have no interest in so therefor go ahead and take me out of the forums if you like as I will not be back...
Thanks for everything and being a good friend aL AKA"Metal"

Happy trails...........................

Posted by USA () in What's Going On on Friday 25 May @ 18:38


Bye was a good run for DoD and I'll always appreciate your hard work. Fun times...

#1Saturday 26 May @ 01:29 by USA Full Metal T-shirt

Well, hope you still drop by once in a while Ken...
Yeah, we do jump around alot don't we...haha....
But we are all the same at the core.......

#2Monday 28 May @ 19:16 by USA m3rcy

I don't know if I ever got to thank you Ken for establishing the Knights and keeping them together for so long. It was an amazing and admirable run you made, as it can always be difficult to hold so many different (and ever-changing) minds together. But the time I spent with everyone you managed to pull together (whether they were here for long or not), was amazing and will stay with me as an irreplaceable memory for as long as I can maintain my memory!

I'm as guilty as probably the worst of any gamer out there - I have very little sense of holding down to one or two games for a long period of time. I jump around to quickly and get distracted quite easily, I suppose I still have some growing up to do. Sad

#3Sunday 10 June @ 00:19 by Canada Killer-Swift

Take care Metal, for may years I have played DoD with the KOB Team and you will be missed.

#4Friday 15 June @ 16:27 by USA The_Jester