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About Knights of The Battlefield

The Knights of the Battlefield are just a group of friends that
like to get together and play Day of Defeat and have a good time.
We started this little venture over two years ago (2006) with just a chosen
few of us that were affiliated with the Dirty Ol Coots.
We never thought that it would go this far or for that matter have
the great group of people that we have in the clan. Members come and go, but
the memories last forever!


KOB_Clan Ranks

Knight Commander (Clan Administrator) The utmost authority of the clan. They shall oversea all forum and server activity, ensuring that posted information is current and correct. They shall enforce Clan rules. They shall arrange for practices and scrimmage games with other clans as well as organize squads. Whatever is needed, they will attempt to get it done.

Knight Protector (Administrator) A Knight who has demonstrated the ability to handle additional tasks as directed by the Knight Commanders. They help the Knight Commander with the minor maintenance of forum and servers; they have the ability to ban those that are not following the server rules as well as change maps/levels. . They shall demonstrate the highest qualities that make them great clan members.

Lord Knight (High Council) A long standing member of the clan. They represent all the best qualities of our clan. They shall make suggestions for changes and new things they would like to see done. If a change or action is needed that requires a vote, a Lord Knight will be included within that vote.

Master Knight A long standing member of the clan. They have shown great skill and sportsmanship throughout the range of games that our clan is involved in. They may be asked to fulfill or assist in duties that may arise from time to time. They shall help maintain clan quality and discipline.

Knight A member of the clan, promoted from a Knight Squire that has proven their skills in the game and great sportsmanship. They represent the clan and are team players with great potential.

Knight Squire A probationary member of the clan. They have been observed to show skill and sportsmanship while gaming. It is believed that they have the potential to be good members of the clan. They have been recommended by another clan member who has observed them or played with them on a regular basis. One is a Knight Squire (Probationary Knight) until promoted to a Knight. The probationary period shall not exceed a 3 month period.

Ambassador - Site members that are not part of our clan but are from another clan that we have good relations with and love to shoot... They have access to both public and clan information. They shall be considered for limited Admin powers.

Site Members - someone not part of our clan but who has access to only the public forums to view and post.