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Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Knights

By USA m3rcy in What's Going On on Monday 24 December @ 17:11
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I'm out fella's good luck to ya:-)

Well it's been fun people made alot of good friends I thought..
Couple of you will answer when I talk so therefor no reason to hang out here anymore..
I wish you luck in your quest for games, seems like you all switch every other day or so which I myself have no interest in so therefor go ahead and take me out of the forums if you like as I will not be back...
Thanks for everything and being a good friend aL AKA"Metal"

Happy trails...........................

By USA () in What's Going On on Friday 25 May @ 18:38
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Knights of the Battlefield!!!

By USA m3rcy in What's Going On on Tuesday 22 May @ 20:45
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m3rcy, m3rcy, m3rcy

Well, it's official...m3rcy is now the Cmdr in Chief at KOB. As the owner/payer of the forums, he is the chief mifwick in charge. Congrats and a 'high-five' m3rcy!

By USA Full Metal T-shirt in What's Going On on Monday 21 May @ 19:08
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