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Day of Defeat

Clan Guidelines:

1. One Clan Membership only. No other clan tags.

2. Post in our Forums at least once a month. The more interaction between clan members, the stronger the clan and the better we all get to know each other. Informative posts increase your promotion potential.

3. Respect ALL players, whether clan members or not; observe server rules whether on our server or not. You always represent the clan--do so in a positive light.

4. Respect FEMALE PLAYERS..this is not a bar!!!

5. Try and keep this a PG-13 Clan, more or less... we have a few "older" players who may slip from time to time........but remember,there will probably be kids on the servers!

6. Report inappropriate behavior of players, clan members or admins immediately in the forums.

7. Be a good sport.

8. Try to keep the teams even and no playing defense or offense only and picking allies or axis only. Please try and keep the games fair and even on our servers.

9. And most importantly..ENJOY and HAVE FUN!!!FUN!!!FUN!!!

Please note that these rules will be updated as needed -- check them regularly.